Check back in August for 2018/19 Season Information!

Thanks to our sponsors, artists, volunteers and audience for a fantastic 2017/18 season. We're busy getting ready for 2018/19, check here for announcements in August and hold Saturday October 6th in your calendars, that's our first show back!


Previous Shows!

The St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage has welcomed many great artists to Morrisburg, including Harry Manx, Rik Emmett, Rose Cousins, The East Pointers, Dione Taylor & the Backsliderz, Jack Pine, Lilah Woods, Bentley Young, Christine Brady, Nathanael Larochette, Jessica Pearson & the East Wind, The O'Pears, Moonfruits, Lemon Bucket Orkestra, Kinnie Starr, Tara Holloway, Ron Sexsmith, Sarah Beatty, Coco Love Alcorn, Supernatural Buffalo, Brighid Fry, Joe Hehir, the David Eves Band, Union Duke, Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar, Andy McKee, Pamela Cumming, The Small Glories, Benjamin Dakota Rogers, Sweet Alibi, Mike Celia, Jordie Lane, Clare Reynolds, Annie Sumi, Suzie Vinnick, Irish Mythen, Danielle Miraglia, Bruce Cockburn, Jaron Freeman-Fox & the Opposite of Everything, Braden Phalen, Mira Meikle, Sons of Gord, Kristine St-Pierre, Kev Corbett, Kellylee Evans, Don Ross and Calum Graham, Madison Violet, Sam Cash, Alex Vissia, Paul Harrison, Julie Corrigan, Sarah Beatty, Lindsey Walker, The Rhondas, Chic Gamine, Tracy Lalonde, Harry Manx, The Young Novelists, Nick Sherman, Winnie Brave, Carolina Hum, Jesse Ferguson, Isabelle Delage, Jazmine Wykes, Zoë & the Lost Boys, Shakura S'Aida, Adrian Legg, Christopher Thompson, Babes4Breasts, Great Lake Swimmers, The Musettes, Chuck Leclair, Tricia Brubacher, Sam Boer, Emma Phillips, Mandee Woods, Dan Barkley, Digging Roots, Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards, Melanie Brulée, Old Man Luedecke, Maneli Jamal, Amy Campbell, Ben Turcotte, Stephanie Coleman, Jamie Heath, Amanda Bon, Keegan Larose, Claude Plamondon, Garnet Rogers, Shawna Caspi, The 24th Street Wailers, Ian Sherwood & Coco Love Alcorn, Shane Koyczan, Tone Cluster, Roxanne Delage, Don Tuttle, Donna LeClair, Jenny Berkel, Ewen McIntosh,Laurence Juber, Brandon Roderick New Country Rehab, Amelia Curran, Jill Zmud, Natalia Zukerman, Awna Teixeira, Ian Sabourin and Alex Boyd, Christina Tracy, Douglas Poirier, Gen Lacroix, Binaeshee-Quae, Kunundrum, Evalyn Parry's SPIN, Terra Hazelton, Kevin Fox, David Simard, Catherine MacLellan, Jadea Kelly, Fraser Anderson, Tara Holloway, Ambre McLean, the Crooked Brothers, Manitoba Hal,Graham Greer, Ben Henriques, Del Barber, Serena Ryder, Matt Longo, Nancy Beaudette, Chris MacLean, Annabelle Chvostek, Layah Jane, J.D. Edwards, Twilight Hotel, Jason Fowler, Po’ Girl, Girlyman, Lynn Miles, Easy Pickins', Trio Bruxo, Jim Tidman with special guest Paul Langlois, Daniel Bolshoy, Melissa Ferrick, Roland Hunter,Andrea Simms-Karp, Andrew Aguiar, Bruce Cicarelli, the Derek Jones Band, The General Electryk, Sara Murphy, Callie Piticco, Matt MacDonald, Mallory Krock, Tracy Lalonde, Japhy Sullivan and many more.